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"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home."

What is Home Staging or Property Interior Styling?

  1. Home staging/property or interior styling by a qualified stylist,is the practical creativity and extraordinary expertise to professionally prepare a property to sell, so that it becomes infinitely more attractive to a far greater spectrum of potential property buyers.  The property ultimately sells quicker and for typically for more money, while in turn becoming a great investment for the property seller. The more attractive a property becomes, the more buyers who want to own it - basic economics.
  2. The styling investment costs is more than covered by the improved buyers reaction to the styled property, and the reduced listing/selling time on the market. Typically styled properties sell 50% faster than non-styled or vacant properties.
  3. Professional Property Styling is not about de-cluttering, tidying up and cleaning your property, but at its essence, it’s an “art form” born from extreme expertise in merchandising and interior designing a “vision and a lifestyle” that potential buyers will fall in love with and want to emulate! 
  4. Property Styling, done correctly and professionally, provides the “props, vision and brain stimulation” for the buyer to mentally “move-in” to your property, while emotionally connecting them to the property as a whole. If this is not achieved, you have lost the buyer completely.
  5. The psychology of Property Styling is not about pretty interior rooms, but it's about SELLING properties, and understanding the "buyer demographic" by creating a lifestyle design plan that fits the property.

We work with our clients to ensure their interior spaces reflect a unique and appropriate taste, flair, and sophisticated lifestyle.

Who is a Professional Property Stylist/Home Stager?

It as a qualified business person who has a property styling business, and with some form of recognised or accredited design and decorating training and qualification, which is provable and traceable (Note: Approximately 85% of advertised stylists online and operating dishonestly in Perth are NOT qualified at all. They are charging you professional fees, which is misleading and constituents fruad. Always ask for proof of thier qualifications!) and performs these home staging/property styling services  for some monetary value.

The reality is there are not nearly enough good, professional certified home stagers out there and that is why it is still a relatively unknown practice here in Australia, but is gaining momentum now.

There are many property stylist/home stagers in NSW/QLD/VIC and all are trading very successfully, even though it is far more expensive compared to Perth's pricing.

Home Staging has been in existence in the USA and UK since the mid 1980′s.

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