To all Homeowners, Residential Investors, Property Developers and Display Home Builders.

Come and expierence the difference in professional vacant property styling, and celebrate the fast sale of your property, and for more money. We are Perth's #1 premier qualified and award winning interior property stylists, who will expertly advise you, and guide you, to achieve the best results for your property.

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My Professional Property and Interior Styling Services are as follows:

It's a common fact in the real estate industry the properties that have been professionally styled, sell up to 50% faster and for 6-10% more than properties that have not been staged and left as-is. Professional property styling improves the marketability of a property and doesn't require large amounts of money.

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done everything possible to effect a quick sale of your most valuable asset-your property, and for top dollar.

Note: You will always spend less money on professional property styling, than your first price reduction on your property, because the listing is now old or stale, received no offers and won't sell - Fact!

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Vacant Property Styling: My Speciality.

The need to stage a vacant property is as critical as a furnished or occupied property. We add beautiful, contemporary display furniture, decorative accessories, floor rugs, lighting and wall art, to give the interior space a warm, open and welcome feel.

Mr Home Staging & Design offers modern display furniture hire, and a professional interior decorating and design service, for all types of vacant properties, including units, apartments and townhouses in and around Perth metro area. This professional service is offered on a "display only" basis ensuring our display furniture remains new and fresh.

Additionally, professional styling to a vacant property, will give potential buyers a frame of reference; it gives the interior space a function, and fuels their imagination where their own furniture would be placed and fit into the properties interior allocated spaces. It allows the space to take on an identity, and does not confuse or chase the buyer away. Viewing of properties must be made to be easy, not difficult.

Buyers never linger in a vacant space, they find it boring and uninspiring, so they simply walk out to your competition. Any noises generated (voices, peoples heels on the floor etc.) in a vacant space will always be heard louder as they echo more than in a styled homely interiors - this is bad acoustics in a vacant space.

Only 10% of potential property buyers can actually visualise the full potential of a vacant property. A staggering 90% or 9/10 potential buyers walking inside the property, have no imagination of the wonderful possibilities your property has to offer them, so they walk out, resulting in you taking longer to sell your property and loosing money, which nobody enjoys doing ever.

Vacant properties are always viewed that the homeowner is in finacial trouble, has moved out and is desperate to sell, hence a vacant property will always attract low offers, whereas a styled property by Mr Home Staging & Design typically attracts higher offers by more buyers. The more desirable a commodity is, the more people want to own it, its basic economics.

In 2013/14, ALL our beautifully styled properties, SOLD between 4 and 28 days, a 98% success rate.

Mr Home Staging & Design will design a stunning contemporary interior for you, that is unique to your budget and your property, based on the demograhics of the area, so that we can achieve the maximum sales appeal, for the property.

My interior styling makes an incredible difference to a vacant, bland property, and I have the proof of that fact. My interior styling sets your property apart from the large number of other vacant properties for sale in and around your neighbourhood - all your competition!

Call Gregg today on 0404 739 978 for a FREE no obligation quote and friendly chat, to discuss ALL your styling requirements.

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My Interior and Exterior Furniture Hire:

At Mr Home Staging & Design, I provide contemporary, modern furniture hire and rental packages, for your all your property styling and design requirements. Your vacant property will have my proven professional design solutions and principals applied to it, so as to create a stunning styled interior.

I am a qualified interior designer and professional property stylist, and real estate agent. I understand the design pricipals and elements in every property I professionally design and style, and my 98% sold record is proof of that.

I co-ordinate the hired furniture into my recognisable designs and space planning concepts, to complete the professional interior styling, and achieve the desired interior which will attract as many potential buyers to your property as possible. At Mr Home Staging & Design, I only use the very best, and modern display furniture, decorative accessories etc. that is also hired out to local interior designers and the design community in Perth.

I stock the most sophisticated and up to date, contemporary furniture, which allows us to create that beautiful professional high end, display home look, that will allow your property to stand out from your competition and to sell quicker and for more money.

My modern furniture, decorative accessories and stunning property designs will allow your property to achieve an easier and faster sale. Styled properties by Mr Home Staging & Design, sell 50% faster than bland, boring vacant properties and for between 6 and 10% more than vacant properties - fact!

By using my professional services and styling when selling your property, it is a strategic process, and so you want to entice and attract as many potential buyers as possible, by showing off the major positive selling points within your property.

I also want to impress future buyers, by designing and decorating the property, making it a must-see, stand out property, allowing the property to be placed on their weekend viewing list.

Allow me to design and professionally style your interior, and impress the informed buying public, with my preferred and award winning (Houzz) interior designs that I am known for.

92% of all potential buyers today are searching for thier desired property by surfing the internet, so by implementing my proven interior styling designs, is all the more reason to have a beautifully presented property by Mr Home Staging & Design.


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